Project Inspire Judge, Soh Khim, talks about the importance of safety & security

Project Inspire Judge, Soh Khim, talks about the importance of safety & security

Soh Khim is an Associate Professor of Manufacturing Engineering at NUS (National University Singapore).  She is a first-time female recipient of numerous medals and awards that have made a great impact on women and science. Soh Khim, an expert in her field, was appointed as a Nominated Member of Parliament by the president of Singapore in December 2004. She continues to lead and participate actively in the community.


Soh Khim joined the Project Inspire judging panel in 2015. A year later, we sit down with Soh Khim to hear her thoughts on the projects’ meaning for the community and its entrants.


What does Project Inspire mean to you?

Project Inspire is a platform where participants from all over the world converge on a common theme, where they share their visions and their ideas on this theme. They inspire each other with their passions and goals. Project Inspire is a channel towards empowering women in ways that many may not think of.


What was your experience as a judge in 2015?

As a professor in NUS, the majority of the projects that I have judged and examined were from the local community, relating to issues of ageing, productivity. The experience of being a judge in 2015 was enriching and inspiring. Through the participants, I learnt of new innovative technologies, of simple yet effective ways of solving a daily issue that many take for granted in the developed countries. I was inspired in many ways by the participants, by their passions and commitment towards their goals of empowering women.


Why is this year’s theme ‘Empowering Women and Girls Through Safety and Security’ so important?

This theme is of paramount importance now because many have taken safety for granted, and many have accepted it as normal for women to be abused and/or attacked because women are often viewed as a weaker gender. More importantly, it is of pertinent importance to address this theme now as it is only when a woman is safe that she is able to have freedom of choice, and capability to achieve financial independence. This, in turn, means growth for a community, and a country as a whole.


What advice do you have for the 2016 applicants?

Many ideas and proposals are novel and interesting. However, to realise an idea/proposal takes more than just creativity. My advice to the applicants would be to look into the practicality of their idea/proposal in the intended community or environment, taking into consideration the social and economic constraints of the community and environment. An idea or a proposal has to have self-sustainability in order that it can have meaningful impacts.


Thanks for your time Soh Khim!


The Project Inspire team is now sorting applications for Project Inspire 2016. If you managed to get your application in by 1st July 2016, we’re now reading it! Stay tuned for updates on semi-finalist announcements by following us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribing to our newsletters.


Written by Maria Wesson

Edited by Amra Naidoo



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