Updates from the UPLift team

Last month was April, which only meant one thing in Thailand – Song Kran! This festival marks the start of the traditional Buddhist New Year in Thailand, and one can look forward to a joyous occasion filled with water fights and much fun. Being the hottest part of the year, these water fights are a great way to stay cool!

Source: Bangkok Post

Now that the splashing is finished, we’d like to announce some updates to the team at the UPLift Initiative. We are happy to welcome Ko Lin, our newest staff member, to the team.  Ko Lin recently finished his work at Wide Horizons project management school, and served as a financial literacy trainer on the landfill over the last few months with us.  He is motivated, excited and ready to get to work!
Ko Lin, financial literacy trainer and the latest addition to the  UPLift team

We have started speaking to the women again about their future plans and goals, and we will begin the process of translating the finance modules into Burmese.

Over the next month, we are also looking to train a community-based organization of ethnic Palaung members to conduct their own financial literacy training for their staff.  This will lay the foundation for future trainings at the Shan State in Burma.



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