Transforming Lives with Project Inspire

It was a remarkable experience for World Concern Sri Lanka to participate in last year’s Project Inspire. Our project, LIFE – Livelihood Initiatives for Empowerment of Women – was a miniature portrait of the initiatives implemented at the grassroots level for empowering vulnerable communities in our country, Sri Lanka.

To the team at LIFE, being selected as one of the nine finalists was already a big win for us. Eventually, being awarded with the “Special Recognition Award” at the Grand Finals, which comes along with a grant of USD 10,000, makes us feel extremely appreciative. We plan to use this grant to provide assistance to 104 vulnerable women in the Northern Sri Lanka.

Looking back, it was a fulfilling five days trip to Singapore where we spent quality time networking with the other Project Inspire finalists. It was indeed an intriguing session where each and every one of us shared personal stories we experienced on-ground when executing projects in the less-privileged communities, and took the opportunity to learn from one another. The discussions were interesting, especially when we spoke about the key learning points during project executions, the risks and challenges we faced as well as how we overcome the obstacles.

Also, not forgetting the training sessions organized for us where we get to brush up our presentation skills ahead of the Grand Finals. We were also very pleased to be part of a panel discussion at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, which gave us an opportunity to meet and interact with students interested in social social entrepreneurship programs.

We are glad to be part of Project Inspire, which provided us with a platform to showcase our work and create awareness for the projects we carried out towards transforming lives of women in underprivileged communities. Stay tuned for more updates on progress made with LIFE!



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