Thinking about the Future

By Ko Lynn, UPLift Staff

What We Have Been Doing
Throughout the month of June, we have been carrying out surveys for the next step of our project. As mentioned in our last blog post, we  have plans to conduct financial literacy trainings around the area close to the landfill community.

Prior to this, we conducted surveys and interviews with the women who have attended the financial literacy trainings. Some of them expressed interest in learning to speak Thai,  which could help in their communication with the authorities, as well as for practical purposes —such as when they visit the  hospital, or even when they go to the market. Seeing how learning Thai could benefit the everyday lives of these women, we have decided to conduct Thai language classes near the landfill community in the evenings.

In addition, we were searching for available land to house a training center. If we could secure land close to the landfill, it would be more convenient for the women to attend the training sessions and they would not have to worry about the Thai police checking in on their small businesses.

We are grateful to have found a local Thai person who lives close to the landfill community, and might be able to provide us with space to set up the training center. When we visited his house, we explained what our project was about, and the reasons why we would like to conduct training sessions and evening classes for the women in the landfill community.

Following up on our ideas for this project, we would also like to hold small workshops for the women on topics such as teamwork. This month we hope to secure the location for our training center, after which we will look for a Thai teacher who can speak both Thai and Burmese to facilitate our language classes.



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