Facing life – LIFE Empowers Women in Northern Sri Lanka

Facing life – LIFE Empowers Women in Northern Sri Lanka

Future Plans as LIFE Concludes 

After winning the Special Recognition Award at Project Inspire 2012 – 5 Minutes To Change The World, LIFE launched entrepreneurial management courses which equipped women headed householders to enhance their knowledge in agriculture and improve their reinvestment capacity. These training programs allowed them to fend for themselves and their families. Today in Mullaitivu, 116 women are independent and are in stronger positions to sell their products in the market.

World Concern is also working closely together with local dairy farmers through Dairy Farmer Corporative Societies which will strengthen the community further. World Concern will continue to monitor and provide advice if requested and facilitate when necessary.

Our winning idea “LIFE”, in a nutshell, has been a success. From the very inception of  the project as a submission to the  Project Inspire competition, to walking away with the Special Recognition Award – it has been an exhilarating journey with challenges as well as learning points. World Concern and LIFE are thankful for the opportunity provided by MasterCard and UN Women Singapore in their endeavors to empower women.

Even though December 2013 marks the conclusion for World Concern’s project LIFE, the beneficiaries will continue to reap the benefits which they have gleaned from this project long after we are gone.

As World Concern leaves LIFE to bear fruit, we take pride in the knowledge that we have successfully aided in transforming the lives of women who once had no hope for the future. Today they are stronger and able to face the challenges of life.

Thank you Project Inspire for this great opportunity to empower women!



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