Bringing sustainable change to women in Northern Sri Lanka

Shanthanam Kamala from Sri Lanka tends to her backyard’s micro farm, started with assistance from LIFE.

At Project Inspire 2012, we were fortunate to have won the Special Recognition Award, which provided us with a US$10,000 grant. Since then, World Concern Sri Lanka has been forging ahead to implement our winning idea, Livelihood Initiatives for Empowerment of Women (LIFE).

As with the roll-out of every program, knowing how participants have progressed is of critical importance. In order to do so, we implemented a survey to find out if our idea has been effective and beneficial to our target audience – the women in the Suthanthirapuram village, Northern Sri Lanka.

In February, a survey was conducted among the 96 women beneficiaries of the Wanni Women Livelihood Development (WWLP) project. Results showed that over 90% of the women continue to benefit from the LIFE project. It is also heartening to learn that many past beneficiaries are now working full-time at farms managed by the local government.

Based on the results of the survey, we were able to further identify 20 new beneficiaries to participate in the expanded scope of livelihood activities under the LIFE project.

Following discussions with these beneficiaries, it became evident that they needed training on business management, such as the know-how on establishing direct access to markets for the sale of their crops. Furthermore, knowledge transfers on agriculture – such as the utilization of organic fertilizers to increase their income – will be beneficial to them as well.

Trainings and knowledge transfers as such are critical as it will help these beneficiaries run successful businesses. To ensure these women are properly trained, our team is currently working on developing a training curriculum, with structured training sessions being scheduled to commence very soon.

We are very excited about the upcoming activities that we have planned for these women beneficiaries, and are looking forward to seeing a positive change in their lives.



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