Find out what our ten social innovators are doing for women's and girls' safety and security.

Village Volunteers


Team Representative: Riyanka Ganguly
Project Location: India

MUKTI runs a biodegradable sanitary pad company which empowers vulnerable women who have lived a life of abuse, either trafficked or born into inter-generational prostitution, by employing them. Employed women will be equipped with bicycles and micro-loan system of pad supplies to sell to women and girls in red light district of Kolkata, India, educating on safe hygiene practices.

Generation 414


Team Representative: Mandy Yuan Jun Li
Project Location: Thailand

Be Her Change outreaches to sex workers in Thailand to provide emergency shelter and economic alternatives to national and international victims of trafficking and prostitution. They also provide women exiting sex trade with leadership development, educational opportunities, rehabilitation, child care services, and basic necessities to encourage them to pursue positive opportunities.

SALT Academy


Team Representative: Choeun Linda
Project Location: Cambodia

The Mighty Girls program outreaches to girls aged 12 to 18 from rural communities across the Northwest region of Cambodia at risk of trafficking, early marriage or from dropping out of school, so as to provide them with a safe shelter, quality education, football training, and a positive environment for their safe development.

CareNx Innovations


Team Representative: Aditya Kulkami
Project Location: India

Through CareMother Mobile Pregnancy Care,  women healthcare workers will be equipped with a mobile pregnancy kit that enables door-to-door antenatal care services to pregnant women living in rural villages. Their project aims to reduce the high maternity deaths caused by pregnancy complications through early detection and increased health checks.

CoDesign Studio


Team Representative: Dani De Rose
Project Location: Australia

Street By Street introduces a curriculum and training program that mobilises local women to lead public space improvement projects in their neighbourhood. They also plan to revitalise an underused laneway in Brunswick, Melbourne that has witnessed attacks on women to increase safe spaces for women.

Hue Help


Team Representative: Lieu Hoang
Project Location: Vietnam

Hue Help wants to train female teachers to become qualified swimming instructors within their schools. Through this training, they hope to educate more girls on survival swimming skills, as drowning is a leading cause of child mortality in Vietnam. With these skills, girls will stay safe around water and reduce their risk of drowning.

A New Vision


Team Representative: Theresia Sri Menda Sembiring
Project Location: Indonesia

A New Vision wants to restore the sights of blind women and girls in Indonesia, who are extremely vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Through their 10-minute cataract surgeries, they want to empower women and girls to take control of their daily lives independently. They also plan to educate female healthcare workers on basic eye care to strengthen the eye care education in Indonesia.

HOME Singapore


Team Representative: Kina Hidayah Kastari
Project Location: Singapore

Through Leaders Amongst Us, female foreign domestic workers in Singapore of diverse backgrounds will undergo 40 weeks of training in order to become para-counsellors. Their project wants to ensure open communication, better mental and emotional health support, safer employment, and reduced risk of abuse and self-harm amongst their peers.

The Global Women’s Project


Team Representative: Laura Harris
Project Location: Nepal

Women Get Mobile provides women in Nepal with mobile repair skills training program to increase women’s economic security after the devastating 2015 earthquake left many homes and jobs destroyed. Leveraging on the high demand for mobile repairing in a country that records lesser new phone purchases, they believe their pilot program can generate an income for the women and their families.

Colorss Foundation

“MISSION 1000”

Team Representative: Aparna Saxena
Project Location: India

Mission 1000 wants to empower 1000 under-privileged girls by training and equipping them with self-defence skills so as to enable girls to become more confident in their daily activities. The project will also welcome girls back for refresher courses, and has a mobile application to support more girls that have no access to their self-defense workshops.